How to Battle & Rush : The k-dog?
Battle&Rush is a racing game for dogs.

The goal of the game is to develop dog skills through interaction and communication with the dog you chose and eventually win the race.
[1] Download the app form the store and sign up.

Caution! black is included when entering your ID email.Blank is also recognized as a character, so the verification code is not sent.
[2] Adopt a dog

- You can choose form Jindo-dog, Bulodog, Dalmatian and Poodle.

buyers click here to enter"hash in OPENSEA".

** NFT characters are automatically selected as JINDO DOG.
[3] My Dog Ability

- Fullness
Daily fullness reduced by -2%. You can upload it through an item.

- Speed / Endurance / Spurt
You can improve through training.

- Stress
It can be reduced through an item.
[4] How to manage DOG?

< Fullness / Stress >
- 50% more fullness not reduces stress.

- If fullness less than 50%, stress is - 5% every day.
0% won't be able to participate in the race.

- Purchase items at the shop or receive items through Attendance and use them.
[4] How to manage DOG?

< Speed / Endurance / Spurt >
You can rase 1% randomly through training once a day.

*Race ranking is determined based on this Score.
Score calculation method :
{(100-Stress)+(Speed+Endurance+Spurt)/3}/2 *After training, Fullness -1%
[5] Preparing for the race

- How to get race ticket?
If you make two choiced (1choice = 2000mp) in the race, you can get one ticket.

Ex) 6 choice → 3 ticket.
** NFT characters give two free tickets every day.
[6] Choice

What if the dog I chose is in the ranking?1st place : 40%/N
- 2nd place : 20%/N
- 3rd place : 10%/N
- 4th ~ 6th place : X
** All MP is the payout rate for the total MP collected in each match

You can check out the last game on MY DOG HISTORY.
[7] Participation in the race

When the stadium is created. the REGIST appears as shown above.

* MP acquired in a match
1st place : 10%
2nd place : 6%
3rd palce : 4%
4th place : 3%
5th place : 2%
6th place : 1%
[8] Quest

If you choice four times, you'll get a PILL item.

If you get the "1st place" dog right, you'll get 500MP!

**It's once a day, so make sure to open the quest window and pressCOMPLETE.