Some members are trying to recover as soon as possible due to errors.
Due to the nature of the coin, related errors will be processed after 24 hours.
If you ask CS after 24 hours, I will take care of it.

2. Ticket Shop
Ticket shops are purchased with participating tickets.
It is not possible to refund the ticket due to the ticket purchase.

3. Use item
Items related to fullness and stress...
At the maximum fullness level of 100 or the lowest stress level of 0, This is to inform you that it is used.
Please use the item after re-checking the dog's ability.

4. Grand Open
The Grand Open will be decided after an internal meeting after introducing several programs such as agency computerization and MP point zone opening.

I am forwarding the CS below.

It is processed sequentially and may take some time depending on the inquiry. Applications outside of work hours will be processed for the next day.

[email protected]