Upload Gold, Silver Tickets, Choice Rewards and change the real-time match time (2/1)
Please check the update below.

1. How to buy gold and silver tickets
Click SHOP->TICKET Click->You can purchase gold or silver tickets with the tickets on display.

2. How to check the number of gold and silver tickets for participation
Click MY DOG -> Click on the TICKET shape below SCORE -> You can check all three tickets.

**Gold and silver rooms will be announced later.

3. Upload Choice Rewards
*Additional* Two DOG FOODs will be presented for one time choice (continuous)
Create 1 ticket for 2 times of choice (continuous)
If you choose 4 times, you will get 1 DOG PILL (once a day)
Winner Choice presents 500MP (once a day)

We will open game at 12 o'clock on February 1st.(KST)

Thank you.